The Rise of Fideo

“Should we see your father?” the girl said smoothing her hair like girls do when their nervous.

“No my father is a tire plant manager. This pawn store is my business. What did you need to see someone about?”

“My name is Julie Turpin and this is my little sister Annie.  Our mother is Louise Turpin has an account here.

“Yes I am aware of the loan.”

“Then you know she should be coming in here herself.”

I looked at my card file and the account was flagged.  It was 30 days late.

“I’m sure you will now tell me the Louise plan.”

“I’ve never been in here before and I think there are things I don’t understand about mother’s loan.”

“What things?”

“The first perplexing thing for me is your red caste and my mother, sister and I are blue caste.  I know every red caste person has a sponsor, am I supposed to see your sponsor?”

“No I pay my sponsor like people pay taxes to the government.  I have a binding contract with my sponsor to do business.  And beyond me paying him his agreed money every year, I do my business and he goes about his business.  His lawyer may talk to my lawyer once a year.”

“See what I don’t really understand is that you look younger than me.  I’m age 16 and you look fourteen.  My mother is by law in charge of me until I’m age 18 and that’s how she could add my sister and I to her contract with this office.”

“I guess you’ve seen the contract, maybe read it at home?”

“Yes if she doesn’t pay her loan of 425 credits to someone named Fideo by today August 20 then she forfeits all her property and her person along with her 2 daughters.”

“Yes that’s correct, so did you come in with the money or to surrender?”

“Is Fideo in the back room?”

“You and your sister are here to surrender as slaves to Fideo.  My name is Fideo. I am fifteen years old and emancipated from my father and have my own sponsor.”

“Why don’t you have a last name?”

“I decided that one name was enough Ceasar, Plato and God have one name and Fideo is enough for me.  Have your sister come over closer to my counter, she does agree to surrender to doesn’t she?”

“Yes of course, but we don’t know how to do it.  We tried to bring mother, but she was too drunk to walk here.”

“That’s a shame I will have to send my van over to get her and drag her over here.  She is at 704 North Dakota Street?”

“Yes Mr. Fideo.”

“The house is part of the property.”

“Yes sir.”

“So you don’t have any idea how to surrender Julie?”

“Maybe just coming down here and turning ourselves over to you?”

“What else should you do?”

“Maybe we shouldn’t wear blue pins or blue clothing anymore?”

“That’s right you and Annie come back behind my desk and take off those blue caste clothes.”

“Here in your front room?”

“Tallahassee Florida has no obedience against slave nudity.”

I had a swinging half-door on the side of the counter and both girls came in and Julie sat in a chair (the one folding chair I had open there) and began taking off her shoes.  While Annie was unbuttoning her blouse.  They were both about the same size, petite.  They had long light brown hair and Annie had smaller breasts.  She had a sort of angelic face. My thought was ‘Christmas is truly TODAY!’

I watched them from my stool taking off their clothes.  They didn’t talk to each other, but after their outer garments were off and their shoes and socks, Julie held up her hand and I saw she had 3 rings and said, “Yes take them off and lay them up here on my counter.”

Annie took off two rings and when she brought them up she bowed her head to me.  All five rings were gold and Julie had one with a small emerald.  It was amazing in the pawn business that men and women often became someone’s slave and had assets of more than their debt.  These two girls were now slaves of mine, but had just surrendered valuable rings, maybe worth as much as they were.

Of course my first looks at them, in the front of the store, made me realize that one doesn’t sell off what he dreams of. In school one other girl had affected me like those two, and she was a secret lover, blue caste like them.  I had given her a loan and to avoid court did not call the loan in.  She had paid me much more than I had given in the original loan.  Her name was Noridca Null.  Well these two didn’t make me problems like Nordica.

I remembered Louise Turpin the mother, she came in all dressed up and I smelled liquor on her breath.  Drunk people are not supposed to sign indenture documents, but she said, “No sir I’m not drunk.”

It was Christmas season and my store was a popular place to buy and sell.  At the time I had 4 female and 2 male slaves chained in my front room with prices attached to them.  They had all been red caste.

Louise got in front of the line of several other red caste customers because she was blue caste, that was her right.  I said to her, “Did you try the blue caste loan companies and couldn’t get a loan?”

“They said I was asking for too much money.  I cut down the amount to what I really need.  They also wanted me to bring in my daughters for an appraisal, to have them examined, but they are young, like you, and in school.  I just want 425 credits and have a house and I brought the deed.”

Louise was in her late thirties and well put together.  She looked rather good in her church going clothes, but I figured her for a fixture at some local blue patron bar.

“Generally big loans like that you get from banks or blue pawn stores.  But someone probably told you that sometimes I make exceptions and give big loans with guaranteed security.”

“Jerrald Jones the guy who owns the J.J. Bar in Quincy Florida.  He’s a friend of mine.  He told me to see Fideo and described you to a T.  He said, ‘With Fideo he give loans with strings attached.  He expects all sorts of services Louise when and after he gives the loans.  I’m in business because of ‘Fideo.’  He never told me what services he does for you.”

“One thing he does is send pretty women to me, like you Louise..  Do you live in town Louise?”  She nodded yes.

“So go home and bring me a picture of your house and of your 2 daughters and of you for my file.

Can you pay 15 credits per week and come in at a set time every week for special services?”


“So be back here at 5:30 when I close the shop for your loan and a chance to be of service to Fideo.  Just wear a blouse and skirt and no panties.”

Sh was in my showroom just as I chained up the slaves who were not sold during the day.  The slaves were displayed in panties, bras and shorts, but customers took that off all day, the slaves put it back on if they weren’t bought.

We were not like the snotty blue caste slaves places where you kept your hands off the slaves and could only touch in private rooms.  We were at Fido’s a ‘Hands on Anything’ place.  When I ran ads in local shoppers I expressed that point.

I pulled up Louise’s skirt to see if she followed my instructions.  She wore nothing under her skirt.

She handed me an envelope with the pictures of her daughters and her house.  They were school pictures and cute girls, really nothing like the beauties that came in my door a year later.

I first screwed Louise on the floor behind my counter, where a year later Annie said, after the girls were down to white panties and bras, “Sir do we now get slave costumes to wear?”

“Right now I want you both naked so I can check you for defects.”

“Oh” Julie said and unhooked her bra and put it down with her other clothes on the chair.  Annie pulled off her panties and then her bra.

I’ve found in dealing with demoted and enslaved blues it’s best to make them wait.

The mother Louise had a day job at first, working in a used car lot office.  She was officially called a bookkeeper but she said, “I mostly put-out for the boss.”

Louise lost that job after maybe 10 weekly payments and finding nothing else begged me to work her, so I sent her to the Dement Motel.  Which I owned a half interest in, to work for John.  It was a red caste motel and only rich reds could afford to travel and stay in motels.  Some reds stayed there when they drove a limo for a very rich blue caste and were not allowed to sleep at the blue motel or hotel.  Anyway red caste men liked to send for a blue caste whore.  Louise earned 25 credits a week when the Dement was full.  Of course if blue caste purists had found out about our operations we would have been fined a lot, but we were not found out.  Louise was a bit old to be a full-time whore, but we had other women who were slaves as room comforters.  John had complaints about Louise.  Once she was asking travelers to pay her directly.  Of course John and I took the risk of running a prostitute like Louise (blue) and we got lots more money than she earned.

I don’t know how much money she skimmed, but when caught John took 76 credits out of her clothes.  He gave her 10 licks with a strap and sent her to me.  I gave her 20 licks but 5 each week, when she came for her weekly visit.

Funny how when you discipline girls mostly they claim to love you more.  I think Louise had two major problems one was she was a talker.  She loved me, a boy, because I really owned and controlled her.  I didn’t have to file a slave paper in the courthouse to own her. 

When she got any freedom at all she frequented bars and drank while she talked.  So alcohol was her other problem.

I gave Louise little freedom.  We used her almost every night and most days at the Dement Motel.  When red caste men had gone to school they had to bow and often get punishment from blue caste students — male and female.  It was a kick to go to a motel where a real blue caste woman was humble around you.  Louise sucked and licked wherever and that’s why she got the 76 credits in tips from customers.  I set the standard of 76 credits for Louise and made it her job to get that much tip money for me every 10 weeks.  She actually got only 50 credits during the 1st set of weeks and so she got more licks.

I was so busy during my first year in the pawn store that i almost forgot she had a house and two girls.  Then before Thanksgiving John had called me to say, “Louise is not showing up for work and my red caste customers are asking for the blue caste pussy.”

I was planning to drive to her house and then her girls came in on their own.  Just when both of Louise’s girls were totally bare, clothes, shoes, rings and hair devices, then an older female came in and i had given her a small loan in June.  “Hello Mrs. Kelly have you come to pay me the payment?”

“Mr. Fideo I just couldn’t find another job this week, really I tried.  My payment is only two credits.  Can you give me another week?”

“No, times up.  Set on the floor over by the counter and take the open lock and snap it on your left leg.”  She began crying and just hooting, weeping.  But I heard the click of the lock and said, “Very good, now Mable stand up and take off your upper garments so I can sell you today.”

“Oh god master can’t you sell me in the back room.  I know people around here!”  Her eyes began gushing again.  I had screwed Mable maybe 20 times.  She had to give me money several times a week, she earned so very little, and now she was giving up.

“You have pretty breasts Mable, my best chance at selling you is having you out front here with them on show.”

“Oh plase don’t do this master I’ve seen the regulars come in here and fondle nice red caste  women.  I’m a church woman Mr. Fideo.  I got married using a preacher.”

“If you think your ex husband would buy you just tell me how to contact him.”

“Oh please master — better the fondlers and groppers than getting him again.”

“OK stand up straight and what do you say when a man or woman comes up to the counter.”

“Please buy me master.”

“That’s right, but sound like you really mean it.  Also I want your brightest smile.”

“How much are you selling me for master?”

“Today it’s 60 credits.  What are your possessions at your apartment worth?”

“Not much –just the usual things bed, couch, chair, radio, TV, cat.  She goes in and out by herself.”

“Good what’s your most valuable possession?”

“My father was a survivor and I have his instruments.”

“I need the key to your apartment..”

She had the key in her pocket and confirmed the address I already had.  I was not busy so I wrote down everything she remembered including rings, bracelets and several unique bowls.  She also had a collection of antique books about the settlement on Mars.  Of course condition is everything in items like that and if the covers had insect damage — well goodbye profit.

I was finishing my report to myself about her possessions and what i would sell her for when she said, “Please excuse me master Fideo, but could I speak a moment?”


“Master I’ve had a small loan here almost since you opened your doors for business and part of my loan was always service to you.  I’ve done almost everything around here and I always watched customers and the merchandise.  You always sell lots of females because you display them usually in just underwear, but like smiling, things like that attract sales.

When I was a little girl my mother taught me to dance.  The reason my husband married me was because I danced for him, but wouldn’t give him my virginity until he married me.”

“You didn’ have a blue supervisor who wanted ‘First time rights’?”

“No master my parents had a woman as supervisor.  Well anyway I think an erotic dance here at your counter for customers would change me from a possible utility slug slave to a valuable sex object for some man or woman.”

“What do you call the best dance you know to entice sexual desires?”

“It’s the hoochy-koochy master.  I never did it for you because you’re so directive with your women and all-powerful.  When you say ‘Strip and get on the bed’, well a girl better jump on the bed or expect strap marks.”

“I thought you were a ‘church woman?'”

“I really tired going with God and turning my life over to a higher power and trusting things would turn out in a divine way, but now I’m chained about an inch from being some woman’s drudge slave in a filthy kitchen.”

“How valuable do you think the hoochy-koochy dancing will make you Mable?”

“Mable is my churchgoing name.  If I dance naked in this store you won’t even want to sell me for 10000 credits.  You will want to keep me to train your other women.  Your pawn and flesh store will become famous Fideo if you call me Zola and give me some bracelets that clatter as I dance and get me a razor to shave between my legs.”

I put off the razor and braclets at first, but that night after the store closed I had her begin teaching Julie and Annie dance in my apartment and the two slugs that I had been trying all day to get 60 credits for.  One was a bleach blond and 6 feet 3 inches tall and had the tattoo of a dolphin on her left ass cheek and the other woman had sagging breasts, but big ones and a couple of stretch marks.  they all learned dancing from Zola.  When I sold them they each brought over 500 credits.

From then on I bought bracelets by twelve dozen, dozen and Zola used part of my upstairs apartment to train new slaves to dance.  Then only the tone-deaf were taught to just smile.

Ken installed Louise in her own motel room after she learned the hoochy-koochy.  It had a small sign on the door which said, ‘The dancing , once blue, lady.’

Annie was about my age and wore a gold slave collar when we were out in Tallahassee.  the major thing for sale around the capitol of Florida was influence.  All the districts in the Sunshine State had representatives and senators and then there were cabinet members.  Not all the best, smartest and brightest were elected and came to Tallahassee.  Quickly I branched out into most of the vices of men in my business career –like prostitution and slave sales which were legal.

In Florida only blue citizens could vote and that was 10% of the resident population.  Then in the winter we had blue visitors who tripled the blue population, but the visitors couldn’t vote either. I thought it only fair that a red caste guy sort of circle the influence wagon, and grab some myself.

My first ventures into capitalism were in pawn business, motels and then whore houses.  Then I quickly bought the controlling interest in gambling around Tallahassee.

Gambling and young girls was the way I mostly owned what went on in governing Florida.  Also there were sucker business deals and I used banks to trick representatives into in some cases into social or economic variations of slavery.

For example Rodney Quimp was the statewide cabinet member of the Dept of Commerce.  He was one of the 6 secretaries who with the governor decided among other things the laws governing gambling and caste law.  Two thing of high interest to me.

I knew all about Mr. Quimp before I met him.  He had been followed, photographed and led into a contract and a shady business deal in land, in Brazil, that seemed wonderful, but he was left owing my bank 400 million credits.  It was what I called AIR MONEY it was never really on the ground except in lawyers papers.  If anyone investigated the scam they would find lawyers hired by other lawyers, that were in turn hired by foreign lawyers.  Who would be the crook.  I was the bank, and it would look like I had lost a bundle — looks are very deceiving.

Another public official, that Quimp trusted had led him into the deal.  That state legislative member had often licked my shoes until they glistened with spit.

“Welcome to my bank Mr. Quimp, I’m Fideo the owner of this establishment and I understand you came about your debt.”

I stood up and walked over to him, but didn’t bow to the blue caste guy.  He shook hands with me as if I was as blue as him.  It was a limp shake.  I gave him a rock hard shake.

Annie was with me, she always sits with me all dressed up.  I dress her as a slave, but in the most expensive dresses and of course her pure gold collar.

“So Annie is my bookkeeper, so how much does Mr. Quimp owe the bank Annie?  That is of today.”

She looked at the ledger in front of her and said, “I sent the figures to his lawyer last Friday but it’s about 419 million credits as of this moment.”

“My lawyer said I should come in and settle this thing Mr. Fideo.”

“Exactly, when can I get the funds?”

“He said you would settle for a lot less,  I mean be reasonable this is more money than anybody has, this bank surely doesn’t report this much in assets.”

“How much did you plan to pay?”

“The lawyer didn’t mention a figure.”

“The indenture you signed mentioned ‘all assets’ as the guarantee on the loan.”  I said sitting down next to Annie.  She put both hands on my arm and gave a little shiver movement, very sexual and leaned against me.  Mr. Quimp was standing next to a chair, probably waiting for me to tell him to sit.

“That land was supposed to pay for itself out of its own revenues.” 

“Things don’t always work out.  I’ll bet some of the land data came from a foreign country and foreign lawyers?”

“I can write a check on the Gainesville National Bank for one million credits!”

“That will be helpful with a little of the interest on the money.”

“No I meant it as payment in full!  That’s 3 times the yearly budgets of commerce and state departments here in Florida.”

“That paltry sum is just not going to happen.  How many farms do you own in Alachua, Sumter Marion and Lake Counties?”

“Twenty-seven, but I’m not going to stay in this office while you wipe me out.  I’ll fight this in the courts and your just a red caste!”

“According to caste rules I own your contract so I own you Mr. Quimp.”

I pushed a button on my desk and two big men stood in the doorway.

“If you get on your stomach Rodney and scoot over the carpet to the desk, you can sit at my feet and we can talk about your new life as my either public or private slave.”

He just stood in place awhile, not saying anything.

“My two slave bodyguards were once red caste and were demoted and castrated by a blue master and they would love to tear your clothes off and burn up your ass with my strap.  It might be entertaining don’t you think Annie?”

“Yes great fun, those two hate blues worse than anything Fideo master.” she said.

That’s when he got on his knees and then his belly and slid over to my shoes.

“Lick and suck the shoes slave.”  I said, and he cried while he licked.  I took my hands off Annie a couple of times and said, “Suck the shoes as if your life depended on it.”  He did and stopped crying.

Not everyone I enslaved had 400 million in credit debt hanging over them.  Quimp had a house in the best part of Tallahassee which became mine, but seemed to remain his.  I even dressed up and went to state cabinet meetings with him.  He explained to the Governor and others that I was ‘His advisor’.  I was really that.

Other red caste hated the system and usually hated blues.  I worked out ways to get around the low status problem.  So what if I had to bow to blues on the street, when in the privacy of my house they slid around me on their stomachs.

In many situations in rural Florida red caste were treated by their sponsors like owned animals.  They could own whatever their masters said they could own, and in most contracts property could be taken away wherever, or at the whim of the owner. 

In my case I picked my sponsor with great care.  I had a law firm of Johnson and Edwards that dealt with Willard Peters, my sponsor, keeping him really isolated and controlled.  On standby I had two successor sponsors that were always available in case something happened to Willard.  Realistically speaking slavery has been going on for generations, you own someone when you pay them money.  If they depend on it, or you control their life or the lives of others in their family — those are called slaves.

Slaves can be punished and like Quimp, a higher up guy in state government, but with his huge debt held over his head, and the embarrassments if that became public, he is forced to follow my every word and obey ever gesture.  Quimp is my slave.  He knows it and if he decided to do something contrary to my wishes he would find himself in some dark place getting whacked on the rear.

Blues have a system where red caste people can pay large sums and become promoted blues.  I have enough money to do that, but won’t.  I like the caste system the way it is.  I can manipulate it.

My first investments in Tallahassee were red caste businesses.  That is stores that served mostly red caste people like pawn stores.  I really bought all the major ones and some blue ones in the blue areas of town.  The major security on loans was real property and family members of debtors.  Some of my first big loans were to farmers.  it is easy to become land poor, so I took no farms as security without also getting the farm family.  Red caste run the farms, but the owners are generally blue.  Often the blues live in Tallahassee or Quincy, but the farm may be in Georgia or in two states.  With a big farm you buy a whole community, an economy, almost a town.  I was just a 17-year-old boy when I bought the North Ridge Farm.   It was chicken, cows and pigs and a hundred red caste and 900 slaves of all ages.

The defaulted blue caste had not borrowed money from me, but from a bank I bought.  It was called the Federal State Bank of Tallahassee.  It was actually a common stock bank that had been owned by the City of Tallahassee government and made bad loans.  The night before I went to the farm the blue caste owner came to my office and got humble after one of my guards gave him 20 smacks.  His name was Grant Byrd and after his good whipping I had  the woman at the bank, who gave newly acquired slaves pointers to work with worked with Grant for a few hours.  She really knew how to teach begging and licking.  Grant had a private plane at the airport so we flew in early morning to his farm and private airfield.  Of course Grant called the red caste farmer in chief named Peter to meet us at the airport and drive us to the farmhouse.

Peter met us in an open car.  I could tell by the look on his face when he saw I was 17 and red caste that he failed totally to understand what I was now to him.  He bowed to  Grant and stuck out his hand for a shake with me.  I saw that Parker was a guy who understood only caste rules.  So I told Grant, “Bow your head, i need a leash for you.”  I put a circle of rope over his head and from then on my inspection of the farm went super smooth.  No one else tried to shake my hand — they all bowed to me as I led my blue slave around the farm.  Being only 17 and the farm owner made me the hero of the day.

I had a wonderful breakfast of country ham, potatoes, grits and when in the bathroom to urinate when Grant followed me in there, even though i dropped his leash outside. 

“Master” he said as he unzipped me and took out my instrument, “Please don’t leave me alone with these people.  I’ve owned them since they were born.  My father fucked their mothers and I often screwed their virgin daughters in that same dining room where you ate ham.  I even played with their wives breasts between plates of food, some of their sons I whipped and chained in a field pulling a livestock pump.

Master they will bring red caste men and women for you to judge and explain their offenses.  You decide, and must punish strictly or they will think your weak.  The very worst punishment for red caste here is to be reduced to slaves.  They will expect you to pick some of their boys and girls to take home with you as house slaves.  It is the greatest honor to be picked as the farm owners fuck slave.  This is your farm look at the animals naked.  Often kick one or pull hair.  The top red supervisors on the farm have all been fucked in the rear by either my father or I.  Carry a strap and smack flesh when they don’t crawl and act slavish.

Women on the farm, red caste women expect to be handled by their master.  If I had not become your slave master I would’ve brought back 3 or 4 women to give to some of the better supervisors as rewards.”  He put my penis back in my pants and zipped me up and I said, “These are things you should have told me as we flew up here slave.”  I pulled his hair.

Grant became my advisor, a leashed slave counselor.  I took him with me when I acquired farms.  He also helped me train and manage Rodney Quimp who was a member of the Florida Cabinet.  Quimp had lots of farms.

Grant Boyd had a modest 6 bedroom 2 story house in a middle class blue caste neighborhood, 2 wives and 6 children 4 junior and high school girls and 2 elementary boys.  We did not play pretend at Boyd’s house.  I took six big men with me to the Boyd house and eight iron collars to lock on their necks.  I like the kind of collars that click on with a noise, and open with a key.  Of course we just came back from the farm and i told him “You can explain slavery to them telling them ‘If you’re not doing exactly what your master Fideo tells you he is going to send the offender to North Ridge Farm for intensive training.’  They had 25 slaves around their house and the slaves had all been raised at the farm so that statement had its effect.  Also they had been to the farm and watched men and women crawl and worship their father.  Now their father or husband Grant Boyd crawled around the boy Fideo and licked his hands.  At school and in public places red caste people always bowed to blue caste and were afraid to look at their ‘betters’.  That’s what we all learned in our school textbooks, that those who crawled and bowed were superior to those who had worm status.

The Boyd’s found themselves naked and chained while a big neutered man went around  and gave each slave a shot, a tracking device, which would mark them as permanent slaves.  For example from then on when I took Matthew Boyd, the 11-year-old son of Grant into one of my banks as one of my run-and-fetch slaves, those who were watching could see a readout on monitors saying, ‘Male property of honorary citizen (by legislative Florida legislative act 1007) Fideo.  If found return for reward to Hoochy-Koochy Slave Sales 507 Tennessee Street.  Tallahassee Florida.’

I kept a harem of six girls above my loan office on Tennessee Street with Julie as the favorite.  Then at the former Boyd house I had my 2nd harem of the four Boyd girls with Annie as the harem favorite.  Annie went most everywhere with me as did Matt my body slave.

All the farms I owned caused me to watch the Secretary of Agriculture closely.  His name was Homer Knox and he owned a cattle operation near Mr. Dora Florida in Lake County.  There was a Homer Knox Jr. who went to the University of Florida in Gainesville and studied agriculture.

In my pawn business I was always interested when really beautiful girls borrowed money on themselves and couldn”t pay it back.  MOstly blue caste patrons visited the Campus Pawn which was right near the campus at Florida State University.  I employed blue caste boys and girls there to attract students.

Amanda Paine and Marge Broward had attempted to buy an off campus house.  they had surrendered to my manager Wiley that morning.  He locked them up and called me.  We didn’t have many blue surrenders at Campus Pawn and few girls as beautiful as Amanda and Marge.

I opened the door to the locked room and Matt carried my chair in the room, bowed and then closed the door behind him.  The room was really a large closet with no windows and four bare walls.  There was a little wire mesh cage over one light bulb.  The girls were in blue caste dresses with low heeled shoes.  They both sat on the floor and looked up when I entered.

I had just reviewed their loan papers and default and had their folders in my hands.

“I’m Fideo the owner of Campus Pawn.”  I said.

“I’m Amanda and this is my roommate Marge.”  the red-haired girl said.

“Hi,” Marge said, “where’s Wiley?”

“He just works here for me,” I said.

“Oh, so what happens now?”  Amanda said.

“Let’s re-cap what’s happened so far and then you both tell me if what the folder tells me is right.

Now you both signed a promissory note and demand indenture here at the store.  Wiley did the required inspection of you both, probably in this room?”

They both nodded and Amanda said, “He was very respectful and proper in how he did it.”

“You mean he asked politely before he stuck his fingers in your pussies?”

“Yes,” Amanda said, “but that’s a crude way to put it.  He’s a gentleman.”

“He found you not virgins.”

They both nodded.

“You borrowed 12 thousand credits to buy a house near campus.  How much did you actually pay for the house?”

“Four thousand credits.” Marge said.

“What is the house worth at ‘quick sale’?”  There was silence for more than the usual thinking time.  “well you don’t have to answer it’s 1,500 credits.  Why did you pay 3,000?”

“This boy Fein that Amanda was dating said it was worth 12 or at least 10.  We thought we would get rich.”

“Do you know now who Fein is?”

“Yes,” Marge said, “he is a debtor of the person who was selling the house.”

“He’s really the house owners slave?”

“Yes sir,” Marge said.

“What did you spend the other 8 thousand credits on Amanda?”

“We each bought a car, and we bought jewelery and we re-did the house to make it worth more.”

“More than the 12 thousand?”

“Yes sir,” they both answered.

“So what did you think would happen when you couldn’t pay your loan back?”

“We would either come over here and give up or goons would come to class and leash us there.”  Amanda said.

“So why not call your parents and have them bail you out? I have your parents names and both sets are very able to pay enough to spring you.”

“Both of us lost our virginity our freshman year and they would find that out and they would then hunt down the boys who took our virginity and make them marry us or pay large amounts.  It would all be too embarrassing.” Marge said.

“How are your grades in school?”

“Mine are OK enough so my parents still send checks.”  Amanda said.

“My grades fell off some because i began spending money instead of studying.”  Marge said and then added, “If I don’t get to pee soon I will bust.”

I struck the door twice and Matt my body slave opened it quickly and said, “Yes great god master.”

“Bring 2 buckets so the girls can pee and shit.”

“At once,” he said and closed the door.

“We have to do it in front of you and the little boy?” Marge said.

“Your slaves now, not people.”  I replied, “In fact now would be a good time for me to see you like Wiley did, so stand and get your clothes off.  If I put you both to your best and highest use you will not be beaten and have strap marks on your bodies.”  That got them up and taking off their clothes.

Generally when students transfer from one school to another it is done at the end of semesters, not in the middle of a term.  Amanda and Marge flew to Gainesville and enrolled in the university college in the middle of a term.  They were both in classes of Homer Knox Jr.  a boy who had social problems with girls on his level.  Of course he grew up a farm boy, at least his father’s income was from feed lots where animals were fattened and taken to the slaughter houses.  He had experienced pretty bed slaves –red caste and farm slaves since he was age 16 but went to the University of Florida with few social skills.  Like for example he couldn’t dance and dressed like a ‘hillbilly’.  One blue caste girl said that aobut his clothes — boots and wide brim hat.  That was something laughed about since he got on campus.  He was still classified as a freshman, a one-university college (1-uc))., but was in his 4th semester.  He had trouble with higher math.  He was not really as rich as other students and lived in Regan Hall on campus.  Amanda and Marge were sophomores at FSU, but their transcripts were altered so that they could take courses, the same classes as Homer Knox Jr.\

Before the girls got to campus I knew which coffee-house he frequented and his church where he had to check in with certain cleric that his father knew.  I also bought a small loan that his best friend had made at a university pawn store called ‘Gator Bite’.  It didn’t seem a great name to me but while my two females tried to entice Homer I had a meeting in the pawn store, explaining his semi-slavery to the friend of Homer.

Charles, the friend, my secret slave, was going to tag along with Homer and maybe introduce him to two new beautiful girls on campus.

I spent a whole morning with Charles.  He was a very big guy who owed 700 credits and his parents had a big family and no spare money.

He cried a lot, thinking he had lost his scholarship and would be a red cast man’s slave boy.  I treated him like red caste men were treated by their blue masters –screwed him and then totally humbled him.

We were in a pawn shop back room similar to the room where I had broken the two blue caste girls in Tallahassee.  The difference was that Charles was twice as strong and much taller than me. Just putting him in a room and asserting my authority of a piece of paper I bought at a 30% discount (because I was a fellow pawn broker) caused this smart, strong boy to get naked and allow me to do anything to him.  He agreed to me ruining his life, and made no rebellion.  Slavery is fun for the owners.

I had him get on his knees and I mounted him from behind.  He squealed and screamed as I rode him and slapped him .  The girls I had taken in Tallahassee knew they were beautiful and thought it was to their advantage that i screwed them.  They claimed a wonderful time, the best ever, and Marge said, ‘You now really made me a woman Fideo master.’

Charles never really quit crying all morning.  He thought his life was over.

I ate my lunch at a folding table in the room while Matt sat on a stool beside me and fed me with his fingers.  Under the table I had naked Charles licking my feet and crying.

“There are all kinds of slaves Charles, you can quit licking now and use your slave tongue and talk.”

“Yes master,” he said, “what should I talk about?”

“Let’s start with your friend Homer Knox.”

“Sure I’ve known him since I’ve been in college here, but he doesn’t do me much good.  College girls don’t like men who are so much bigger than they are and they don’t like his style.”

“What don’t they like about his style?”

“His boots, cowboy hats and tobacco spitting.”

“Did you try to change him?”

“I don’t care enough.  He can’t help me with girls, and now I’m  now a slave and beyond help.”

“Oh no Charles, many of my slaves seem like regular people unless I give them a job.  What were you studying in school Charles?”

“In university college we take general courses but it’s science heavy and called ‘Pre-Med'”

“You want to be a doctor?”

“That’s my goal, or was.”

“Your grades were good enough to be on a scholarship.”

“Money from the Medical Society of Sarasota County.”

“Thais good I pan to let you stay in school, if you’re a good obedient slave of mine and study medicine.  Most medical clinics or practices involve an indenture and that a kind of slavery.

With me you just do things I want and I provide you with money as rewards.  Like later today you are going to introduce Homer to two girls, beautiful girls who just transferred from Florida State University to Gainesville.

Their names are Amanda Pagin and Marge Broward and your going to need Homer for a double date.  Your date is Amanda and you are finding for Marge.

Do you know where the Tigert House is on University Ave?”

“Yes master, it’s sort of a museum of Florida history I think.”

“It was once, now it’s a residence again.  It once was the University Presidents house.  The girls are buying it and the deal is that Homer knows your parents are poor, but you know that Homer Knox Jr has a fairly wealthy father.  So he could help the girls in financing their house purchase if he wanted to.

Here’s the deal I have two stories for you to read and digest about Amanda and Marge and you will make no mistakes.  They are both good girls from nice Florida families, rather rich families.  If Homer checks he will find their families are rich or richer than his.

We are not trying to marry Homer off, what we do want is for Homer to like the girls so much after tonight, or for a few days that her will go down to Cross Creek Real Estate on Millhopper Steet and sign a mortgage and personal indenture to secure 23 million credits for the Florida landmark Tigert House.”

“No body has that much money.”

“The girls are moved into the house already and what you four will do tonight is go tour the Gainesville hotspots.  You already have reservations at Jollies Millhopper Dancing, and for a late dinner Gator Tail. The story is that a rich uncle sent you some cash, and so tonight your paying the bills.

Since Homer Knox has a car he will think that’s the reason that you picked him for the other girl.  what will happen on the date is that both girls will show lots of interest in Homer at the dancing place — Jollies and it will end up at their house where you get a cab home and Homer stays with the girls.

Now this is a fun deal for you Charles.  When you get back to your dorm a college girl will be in your bed naked.  Now poor Homer will be kissing and petting good girls who will not even go half way, much less all the way.  While you will be so busy that you won’t probably sleep tonight, Homer will drive home with blue balls.

Now I have a deal for you and Amanda.  If Homer goes down to the realty company and signs the indenture tonight, someone will be there constantly when 23 million is on the table, well you get the girl every night for a month.  I also have a different kind of reward for Amanda.”

“What about the other girl Marge””

“I always deal with the smartest people.  the others are just slaves.  Marge actually is Amanda’s chattel slave.  If Marge gets anything as an incentive I will let Amanda decide.”

The deal went faster than I really imagined.  Homer was female deprived in Gainesville, and the two girls were beauties.  He thought he had hit the jackpot!  Charles was the witness that night to Homer ‘helping’ the two girls by signing their security indenture.

I had taken Amanda and Marge on an overnight excursion to North Ridge Farm before getting them ready for dealing with Homer and Amanda adjusted to the situation of being a complete slave of Fideo.  A ‘just explain anything and I’ll do it attitude’ whereas Marge thought too deeply about the results, (consequences).  Of course results are none of the slaves business.

Amanda was an excellent college operative and worked for me in several colleges and graduate schools.  I even let her go home and visit her family on holidays, if not working on one of my projects.  Her parents were disappointed she was not marrying.


To contact Ray Cates his e-mail address is:  and his snail mail address is 2505 NW Magnolia Ave. Ocala Fl 34475

You can fax him at: 352-629-1573

Some of his stories with links to other stories are:

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